Mohawk & Co Fizzy E Liquid Vape Juice PG/VG 30/70 60ml 0, 3, 6mg + Free Postage


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Mohawk & Co Fizzy E Liquid Vape Juice PG/VG 30/70 60ml 0, 3, 6mg + Free Postage
70VG 30PG
Make In Malaysia
If we do not have any 0 or 6mg we will send 3mg
Fizzy Cola
Try out legendary signature Fizzy Cola flavour with its unique touch of fizziness blended blended with a low cooling sensation.
Fizzy Mango
Fizzy Mango is a real sweet taste of the ever popular sweet and delicious fully ripe Asian Mango blended with low cooling effects.
Fizzy Bull
For those that love an ice cold red bull drinking experience, try our fizzy ice blended low cooling sensation Fizzy Bull flavour.
Fizzy Pineapple
For those looking for an authentic taste of pineapple try our Fizzy Pineapple flavour which is amongst our fruit flavours specialty range.
Fizzy Orange
We have our very own orange flavoured e-liquid which is remarkably similar to the market leading Fanta Orange flavoured drink. Some have commented with its perfectly blended low cooling effects our Fizzy Orange tastes similar to the orange flavoured Vitamin C tablets.
Fizzy Grape
Our Fizzy Grape flavour is an authentic mix of grapes and is ideal for those looking for a pure grape experience. Fizzy Grape has no chemical tastes unlike the grape liquids produced by many of our competitors.
Fizzy Strawberry
Fizzy Strawberry is a mix of our special ingredients designed to bring up that perfect strawberry bursting experience.
Fizzy Honeydew 
Of our most popular flavours is our Fizzy Honeydew which is a taste of sweet honeydew perfectly blended with low cooling effects.
Fizzy Wildberries
Our top secret mixture of three forest berries is what makes up our sweet combination of Fizzy Wildberries which will have you craving for more each time.

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Fizzy Kola, Fizzy Mango, Fizzy Bull, Fizzy Pineapple, Fizzy Orange, Fizzy Grape, Fizzy Strawberry, Fizzy Honeydew, Fizzy Wildberries

Nicotine Strength (mg/ml)

no nicotine, 3mg/ml, 6mg/ml