WOW Premium E Liquids Juice Vape Clouds ELiquid 10ml For Clouds + Free Postage


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WOW Premium E Liquids Juice Vape Clouds ELiquid 10ml For Clouds + Free Postage

This is a 10ml bottle of E Liquid 

Avalible in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg

80vg / 20pg suitable for Cloud chasing 

WOW Premium E Liquids very similar to 12 Monkeys and Nasty juice

A Myriad of Caribbean fruits consisting of Guava, Peach and Mango that will give you a taste of the Island lifestyle

Red Haze
Taking summer fruits to a whole new level. Its perfect blend of summer fruits on inhale with ice cool lemonade exhale

Lime Green Slush
Sweetened to perfection, its a powerful citrus explosion blended with intense lime and ice slush that will leave your taste buds dazzled 

Tropical Blast 
An incredible Tropical explosion of fruits laced a prominent note of Honeydew Melon that dances on your tongue

Pineapple Bliss
A true tropical taste of a tangy pineapple kissed with sweet berries and succulent Mangoes creating the perfect gateway to your very own vape Island

Strawberry Cream
An evolution of the popular Strawberry Custard layered with 2 distinctly different Vanillas to incorporate and experience the flavor of handpicked, fresh strawberries

This is a taste for only the best Candy flavors. This Fusion of Strawberry, Watermelon and Kiwi is a mouth-watering candy concoction that is sure to salivate the palate of any Candy Connoisseur

Cloudy Melon
A delicious sweet Melon dipped in Milk to create a delectable Melon Milk blend that is Smooth on the tongue and reminiscent to the Asian Dessert

Purple Lust
Experience the taste of this sophisticated sweet Blackcurrant flavors with a Twist of Menthol that has evolved to become a unique sensation

Slow Blow
An exotic experience of Fizzy Lime Soda layered across a delicious Pineapple. A perfect daily refreshing sensation
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Cloudy Melon, Kandi, Lime Green Slush, Mangabae, Pineapple Bliss, Purple Lust, Red Haze, Slow Blow

Nicotine Strength

0mg, 3mg, 6mg